21 dicembre 2012

They say (immature) children don't want to listen: Italian Minister of Labour leaves the Parliament with haughty attitude

The Guy speaking is critizing the present Goverment. This man, named Bitonci, belongs to the xenophobic right Party who ruled till last year as a Berlusconi's ally. This time he is just reading figures that are announced publicly in the news every day.
The woman acting like a child is the Minister of Labour and Welfare, Elsa Fornero, who had become well known for her childish, presumptuous and sometiems frankly insolent attitude during interviews, public speeches and addressing the italian young generations and all the various classes of unemployed people.
After she decides, this time (21th December 2012) she doesn't want to listen any criticism she leaves the Parliament [0.40] . So she's booed and MPs cry "Shame on you!". Then the President of the Lower House ask the audience "What happens? What happens?" The guy goes on talking. After he finishes the President (Gianfranco Fini) says [1.40]:

"Related to the protest from the Lega Nord Party a while ago, I want this in the records: just as it's obvious that all the MPs must use a respecful language suitable to the dignity of this House, the delegates of the Government have the same duty: to respect all the opinions that are expressed."

Gianfranco Fini [1.40]: "Voglio che rimanga agli atti della nostra assemblea in relazione alla protesta del gruppo della Lega Nord di poc'anzi. Che così come è assodato che i deputati hanno il dovere di usare un linguaggio consono alla dignità di quest'aula, i rappresentati del Governo, hanno anch'essi il medesimo dovere: di rispettare le opinioni che vengono espresse."