25 maggio 2013

Shelling on Deir Ezzor (22th May 2013) and an important update from Idlib

While clashes and fierce fighting are taking place in al-Qusayr situated between the city of Homs and the lebanese borders, rebel coalition is reported to have defeated regular army after long weeks of heavy fight to control another military base in the Idlib province. Capturing a base is important because a lot of weapons and ammunition, which are always stored in it, change hands.

However, here we mainly point out the war is progressing in Deir Ezzor area as well, in the East of Syria, where the military airport is being sieged by FSA brigades. Regime is replying with shelling on the city, as we can see from this footage, in areas held by rebels.

Where Deir Ezzor is: 
and here's the neighborhood of Al-Hamidiya in Deir Ezzor: