22 giugno 2014

Nobel Prize Obama mocks the revolution in Syria and reveals once more he can't care less for human rights.

Interviewer: would that vacuum exist, had we backed the moderate rebel forces in Syria?

Mass murderer: yes, I think this notion that somehow there was this ready-made moderate Syrian force that was able to defeat [Syrian President Bashar] Assad is simply not true, and, you know, we have spent a lot of time trying to work with a moderate opposition in Syria. But, as I said yesterday, when you get farmers dentists and folks who have never fought before going up against a ruthless opposition in Assad... the notion that they were in a position to suddenly overturn not only Assad but also ruthless, highly trained jihadists if we just sent a few arms is a fantasy. And I think it's very important for the American people - but maybe more importantly, Washington and the press corps - to understand that