5 giugno 2013

Scud missile pounded Kafr Hamra killing at least 64 people, Aleppo district (2nd June 2013)

This first clip was shot in the evening of the 2nd June but we cannot be sure it shows the very missile that caused the massacre; just from the smoke seen from a distance, it might be another bomb also dropped on Kafr Hamra at roughly the same time on that day.

All the other following videos show the kind of destruction that many other times has been caused by just one powerful Scud missile. Clips were posted by activists and normal citizens from Kafr Hamra and they were taken inside the area. Massacres like this, due to long range missiles are not a novelty in this war.



Activists reported the fall of a Scud missile on the town of Kafr Hamra on the 2nd June 2013 in the evening, right after it happened; further accounts (confirmed by disturbing footages with injured people) have spoken about 64 dead bodies found under the rubble.

Other shocking images here:

Kafr Hamra: