14 giugno 2013

Today is a holiday - Youssef Salem sings in Damascus while the bombs are thundering


دخلك يا يمّا طمنيني  عن بيي كيف الحال ؟
اخواتي كتير اشتقتلون .. رفقاتي دائماً بالبال
حكيلي كيفو البيت ؟ اشتقلي لمّا فليت
لحارتنا والجيران وللياسمينة والله حنيت
حكيلي يا أمي نشالله نحلّت الأمور
ورجعت الدنية أحلا  الدنية كلها زهور
حكيلي يا أمي قال الشمس معبية الدنيى
والناس حبت بعضها  نسيوا الولدنة
قال سوريا كبروا ولادا  وهيّة كبرت فيهون
والعرب رجعوا عاشوا  وعاشت النخوة فيهون
الدنية حنت ع أهلا  والخير رجع لأهلا
الدنية كلها ألوان  والعيشة صارت أهنى
ودعتك أمي  لا لا تبكي عليي لا
صلي مسبحتك للوطن  وشوفيني نجم بالسما
يا نور عيوني لا تبكي  الليلة عيد
فرحي يا أمي بإبنك  ابنك شهيد
( الليلة عيد )

Mom.. . please tell me how are you, and how is Dad?
I miss my brothers so much and i keep thinking about my friends.
Tell me how is our home? did it miss me as I left?
To our street , our neighbors and our jasmin tree my heart longs.
Tell me mom, is everything is OK now? is the conflict is over?
Is the world nice again, are flowers all over again?
The sun shines on our country, so I've heard.
And people love each other now! they forgot their silliness.
They say that Syria's sons now are grown up, and Syria is now bigger and mightier, by their hands!
Arabs lived again, and they reclaimed their morals.
The humans love each other, and now people live in prosperity.
Colors fill the place, it’s worth living now!
Mom, I said goodbye to you, please don't cry!
Pray for home, for the Country. I am now a star in the sky, you can see me.
Mom my most beloved one, please don't cry. Today is a Holiday.
Mom be proud of me, be happy, cause your son is a martyr.
(Today is a Holiday).