11 aprile 2013

How 70,000 people have died in two years: last week footages from Aleppo (April 2013)

Some cases of war crimes have been reported as ascribable to both sides: while some FSA brigades are responsible for executions of paramilitary troops captured during clashes, everyday bombing of residential areas and air strikes are caused by Assad's forces. Also snipering civilians is a tactic that only the regular army has used. These are footages showing a small part of what has happened in the first week of April just in Aleppo.

Aleppo, 4th April 2013:

The result of the shelling on  blocks in Karam Al-Jabal, neighborhood of Aleppo, first week of April 2013:

Where it is:

After an air strike on Sheikh Maqsoud distric, Aleppo, 6th April 2013. On minute 1.31 a bomb is shown.
(Warning: body parts, blood and people burnt dead are clearly visible)

Where it is:

Ashrafiyeh district, Aleppo, 6th April 2013
(Warning: dead children appear in this video)

Where it is located, in Aleppo: